About Lester Family Farms.

Lester Family Farms is a fourth generation grain farm located in Gracey, Ky. We pride ourselves in being good stewards of the land while also producing the highest yields possible. We strive to always leave the land better than we found it by paying close attention to fertility, erosion, and different cropping practices.




Lester Family Farms utilizes the very latest in technology such as GPS, yield monitors, variable rate application, Auto Trac, and section control. These technologies allow us to be more efficient in our operations while also enjoying modern day conveniences.






We have top agronomic advisors which keep us up to date on the latest seed varieties, chemicals, and fertilizer products. Lester Family Farms is always looking to expand, however, we keep our main focus on quality instead of quantity.



Ky Farm Bureau

Hopkinsville Elevator

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